"The perfect companion for a relaxing Sunday evening bath, Stephanie Suga Chen's debut novel about an expatriate family in Singapore makes for an easy, enjoyable read." -Straits Times book review: "Frank look at marriage, motherhood and friendships"

"Like not a few alpha individuals, however, Ms Chen found a way of transforming her frustrations into something productive and profitable. She first started writing down her thoughts and feelings in a personal memoir meant to be read by her family some day to remind them of their time in Singapore." -The Business Times: "Redefining Motherhood"

"Stephanie captures it all so perfectly – from mould and haze, and crazy grocery prices, to spending too much time surfing expat wife forums and feeling guilty but thankful for being able to employ helpers; the obstacles (ranging from trivial to major), behaviours and everyday observations are unabashedly relevant. Throw in some juicy drama and a tinge of mystery, and you’ve got yourself a book that you won’t want to put down!" -Expat Living Magazine: "Author Chat: Travails of a Trailing Spouse"

"If you enjoy the narrative of a fish-out-of-water protagonist re-discovering themselves in a new  environment, then you’d surely love Travails of a Trailing Spouse....A truly scandalous yet  irresistible read, this page turner promises to keep you hooked from start to finish." -Popular Bookstores' POPCLUB Magazine: "Author Spotlight"

"...a well-written and comprehensive book that authentically documents our reality as expats." -The Finder: "Book Reporting: New Trailing Spouse Book Hits Top of Singapore’s Reading Lists"

"First-time author Stephanie Suga Chen wants to lift the lid on the glitzy lives of expatriate wives. Her light-hearted novel, Travails Of A Trailing Spouse, takes readers behind the polished veneer of this privileged circle to reveal trouble in paradise, from culture shock to marriages falling apart."
-Straits Times: "Foray into Fiction"

"In recent weeks it would have been hard to miss Travails of a Trailing Spouse, the super fun debut novel from American mama Stephanie Suga Chen that opened at #2 on the Straits Times bestsellers list." -Sassy Mama: "That Mama: 'Travails of a Trailing Spouse' author Stephanie Suga Chen"

"The part of the book that rang truest for me was the strength of the female friendships borne out of expat life." -Making here Home: "Expat Author: Stephanie Suga Chen ‘Travails of a Trailing Spouse’"

"As I immersed myself further into the novel, I couldn't help but think that it would be hard for anyone to guess that this is the author's first novel. She does indeed have a flair for writing. Travails of a Trailing Spouse is well written with clean, innocuous and uncomplicated prose." -Me in Blogland

"Chen captures, honestly and beautifully, the journey of becoming an expat when you transition from working woman to stay at home mom in a new country. The thrill of excitement and discovery, and then the alienation that comes with attempts to fit into a new role and a new country." -Expat Bostonians

"I recommend Travails of a Trailing Spouse to anyone with an interest in travel, culture and self-reinvention. Many women on the cusp of dramatic changes to their lives, especially later in life, will see themselves in this book." -Adventitious Book Reviews

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