Discussion Guide

  1. Sarah is transported into a new world and quickly makes close friends in her condo. Have you ever experienced immediate friendship like this? Do they last?
  2. While the women are all expats in Singapore, they have unique backgrounds of their own. How do their individuals backgrounds influence their thoughts and behavior?
  3. Do you sympathize with Sarah's frustrations? Or do you sympathize more with Jason?
  4. Is Sara H. strong or weak? How would you have dealt with John's solo trips?
  5. Do you agree or disagree with Ashley's opinion on divorce?
  6. How do Sarah's children help or hinder her in figuring out her role in the family, and in life? 
  7. How do you feel about Sarah's volunteer trip to Medan? What could she have done differently to make the experience better? 
  8. Singapore is known for its strict regime of law and order. How does being in Singapore, vs. another foreign country, affect each of the women?
  9. Carys faces several key decisions in the book; if you were in her position, what would you have done? 
  10. Having a helper is not common in most parts of the world. What impressions did the book give you about the system? If you could hire one under the same circumstances as in the book, would you?